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Openejb jar xml reader

Openejb jar xml reader

I'm using > openejb, java on linux. The problem I have is that no matter what > I do I can't seem to get openejb to create the file. From: Chris Owens openejb () chris-owens! com> Date: TomEE/OpenEJB is reading the file but is not trying to parse the. Finally I tried putting some unparseable garbage in, just to see if any parser would complain. I don't think the system knows that. DeploymentException: Failed parsing descriptors for module: . OpenEJBException: Cannot unmarshall the Xml content. xmlns=ā€¯meinitalienferienhaus.deā€¯> 21 more Other than using your favorite text editor, you can also use the log. At startup, any jar containing a is loaded by the container system. The configuration tools will go looking in all the directories and jars you have. c) Developers from apache and OpenEJB may be reading this list IIRC, there's no Ant task or Maven goal to generate file. final Source source = getSource(meinitalienferienhaus.deDDs().get(""));. if (source!= null) {. try {. // Attempt to parse it first as a v3 descriptor. throw new OpenEJBException("Cannot parse the Xml content throw new OpenEJBException("Failed parsing", e);.

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